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Bienvenue - Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions




5 postes ATER en mathématiques à Sorbonne Université
date limite le 5 avril à 16h
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189 personnes travaillent au LJLL

90 permanents

82 chercheurs et enseignants-chercheurs permanents

8 ingénieurs, techniciens et personnels administratifs

99 personnels non permanents

73 doctorants

14 post-doc et ATER

12 émérites et collaborateurs bénévoles


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Welcome to Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions

The Laboratory was founded in 1969 by Jacques-Louis Lions. From the beginning, it has been a joint unit of University Pierre and Marie Curie and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), and now of Denis Diderot University. The Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory is the largest center in France and one of the largest in Europe for higher education and research in the field of applied mathematics. The laboratory focuses the fundamental analysis, on modeling and on High Performance Scientific Computing of phenomena represented by partial differential equations of differential equations. With a work force of approximately 100 faculty members, emeritus and permanent research staff and as many doctoral or postdoctoral fellows, the laboratory is in direct contact with the economical world and other domains of sciences based on a very wide disciplinary spectrum including fluid dynamics ; physics ; theoretical mechanics and chemistry ; control, optimisation ; games and finance ; medicine and biology ; signal analysis.