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Paris Cité
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Key figures

Key figures

189 people work at LJLL

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80 researchers and permanent lecturers

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January 2022


2010-GdT ITER - C. Nguyen

 GT ITER séance du 14 décembre 2010 14h

intervention de "Christine Nguyen"

Title :

"Kinetic-MHD[Magneto-HydroDynamic]" models for the modelling of
burning fusion plasmas.


TransparentsNouvelle fenêtre

Abstract :

ITER will be the first experimental tokamak where the amount of fusion
reactions is hoped to be sufficiently high to enable non-negligible
internal heating of the thermonuclear plasma. This perspective
motivated recent effort to undestand the dynamics of high energy
particles released by fusion reactions, which have been found to
strongly modify the plasma properties. For this study, extended
Magneto-HydroDynamic (MHD) models are needed including kinetic, finite
Larmor radius and resonant effects.
We present an extended MHD formulation including all this kinetic
physics and derived from a Lagrangian formalism, which can be used for
the stability of MHD modes in the presence of high energy particles.
We illustrate the impact of the kinetic effects involved by these
particles on the properties, stability and non-linear behavior of the
modes appearing in tokamak plasmas for one type of acoustic mode found
experimentally in the Tore-Supra tokamak. Finally, we present the
goals and status of the "XTOR-K" project, which aims at developing a
hybrid kinetic and full MHD code.